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Thread: Hair fall

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    Hair fall

    - Hair wash with butter milk, mix with black earth (mitti), if available.
    - Rub hair care a self made hair tonic.
    - After 20 minute, rub with bhrahmi amla hair oil.
    - Take capsule hemex a heametanic with milk.
    - Shirodhara a therapy of panchakarma.
    - Take care about constipation.
    - Avoid curd, butter milk, sour items, paneer, eggs, non-vage items, pickles, sour fruits, chloroqueen tablets for fever, etc.

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    The hair fall is increasing because of the carelessness of the hair and use the unhealthy product for hair.you must use the good product for the good hair, otherwise it cause the hair fall. you must use the natural product for healthy hair, use the conditioner after the shampoo hair.

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    As per my opinion there are several reasons of hair fall. First is the junk and oily food which is eaten by us. Second thing is the use of shampoo and conditioner which can affect to the hair.
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    People are very worry for their hair loss. But they have to take best care for their hair health.Washing the hair with conditioner shampoo and oiling them regular basis can make your hair strong.

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    Hair fall is a biggest problem that everyone is facing. I have also hair fall problem and i am so upset with this. Its a wonderful and great post for me so i will try these tips for making m hair strong.

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    I'm told that practicing headstand can stop and even reverse hair loss. It also has countless other benefits. Worth a try!

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    Great tips thanks a lot for you all for sharing these beautiful tips for hair health

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    Eat healthy foods which contains proteins. Avoid eating more oil foods, Avoid using shampoos.

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    For hair fall we should have a homeopathic treatment and ayurvedic treatment in which obtained lotion and oil which will help your in your hair fall .homeopathic is a medicine which involves in its treatments highly. And Ayurvedic treatment is depends on your diet. And use the c Trichup herbal cream or oil which success in your hair fall.
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    Hair fall is very common problem many people hair fall in a young age but hair fall is the best solution for hair transplant one time of the life..........
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