Diabetics cure

Diabetes is the silent killer disease. There is no cure from its roots to the allopath science. Many peoples are dies in world by the diabetes and its related ailments. However, Ayurveda and Panchakarma have total cure for these. Let us see one unique example from many in the patient’s own words,

My name is Mr. Visnubhai Prajapati. My age is 47 years. I am from Chitroda, ta- Idar, district- Sabarkantha, Gujarat. I have pain at leg and weakness since last three months. I have disturbed sleep due to five to six time urinations particularly at night. I consult to Vaidyaraj Amrutbhai. He advises to check blood sugar. I check it to Dr. Tiwari’s pathology labs. Fasting blood sugar is 316 and after meal blood sugar is 553 on 2-6-2011.

I take ayurvedic medicines and follow the diet control since a week. I feel the good from pain and weakness. I check blood sugar on 9-6-2011. My fasting blood sugar is 230 and after meal blood sugar is 313. I got unexpected result! I am well until today on only ayurvedic medicines.

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