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Thread: Well food

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    Hi friends,
    Right now am suffering with under weight. can any one suggest me diet tips for this...

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    Hi everybody,
    According to Ayurveda, if diet is proper, there is no need of medicine. Each one of us body constitution is different, some may be pitta dominant, some vatta dominant, some kapha. So eat according to their respective constitution.

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    Vedic way of life and not FOOD

    For me, the most important aspect is that we should find a balance between body and nature.
    Eating just healthy food is not enough.Ayurveda touches 4 different aspects of life what we eat, how we live, where we live and the state of our mind.
    All of them are equally important

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    Well, I think whatever you are eating make sure it was healthy such as green vegetables and fresh food. And also make sure that the food you are taking is rich in proteins and vitamins.

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