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    How to increase Concentration Increase


    This December is the Exam month.

    Can anyone tell me how to increase remembering skill or concentration of Kids by using herbal products?

    Can anyone please help

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    The classic Ayurvedic herb for concentration is Brahmi. It enhances memory and also quiets the mind (having an agitated mind makes it harder to focus). You can take it safely twice a day as a powder steeped in hot water.

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    Hi Ananya,

    Yet I am too late for replying, but you can try it now also. Even if anybody can take memory enhancement supplement. Yes as Alegria mention that 'Brahmi' is the best . In addition I would like to suggest you as all time it is not possible to collect Brahmi, so you can but ayurvedic memory tonic which will work same as Brahmi. From last around 100 years the same products are available in market you can try once.

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    Brahmi is good for concentration. I recommend you to take Brahmi atleast 2 times in a whole day.

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    Shankhpushpi is best for memorising lesson. yoga also help in doing so.
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    Brain Boosting Herbs
    There are a certain class of Ayurvedic herbs which are distinctly thought to improve the functions of the mind and enhance memory and are classified as “medhya rasayanas”.

    Shakhapushpi [Aloeweed]
    Shankapushpi is revered as one of the best herbs for supporting the brain and mental function. It enhances memory, calms the mind, and thought to improve tolerance to mental stress. Because of these properties, Shankapushpi is often considered “somanasya janana” – the giver of great mental power and bliss.

    Brahmi [Bacopa]
    The effects of Brahmi are thought to help calm and balance the mind. Certain scientific studies have demonstrated Brahmi to enhance learning and memory and provide antioxidant support for the brain.

    Gotu Kola [Indian Pennywort]
    Gotu Kola is considered one of the best herbs at enhancing memory. Likewise, Gotu Kola also contains asiatic acid which is a known potent inhibitor for the formation of amyloid plaques often seen in Alzheimer’s disease.


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