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    Reg chronic infection in left kidney & pelvic uretric junction obstruction

    Namaste Dr shaab, I am, male, 52 yrs, my problem is because of recurrent tendency of calcium stone formation in left kidney I have gone through multiple surgeries in last 20 yrs because of multiple surgeries my left kidney is heavily infected. INVESTIGATIONS LIKE RENAL SCAN, CT SCAN, URINE CULTURE, URETHROGRAM, SONOGRAPHY, STONE ANALYSIS ALL DONE IN PAST .renal scan shows that the function of left kidney is slightly reduced.stone analysis shows CALCIUM AMMONIUM BICARBONATE PRESENT. CT scan shows 6mm gall bladder stone.present sonography shows no stone in left kidney , also I have urethral and bladder neck stritcher.Urethroplasty was done in year 2006 for cure of stritcher .urine flow is weak.there is always slight pain in left kidney.present urine analysis shows ALBUMIN PRESENT 1PLUS , BLOOD 1 PLUS , RED BLOOD CELLS 3-4/hpf , EPITHELIAL CELLS 8-10/hpf , PUS CELLS 100-120hpf , A.MORPHOUS DEPOSITS PRESENT ........this type of infection in left kidney is going on since last 6 months.left kidney is heavily infected.urine culture shows KLEIBESELLA BACTERIA* ......creatinine is 0.9 and uric acid level 6.4....presently I am taking ayurvedic medicines and allopathic tab BACTRIM DS with this medicine the infection comes down but if I stop these medicines infection again increases. ....please aap apna opinion aur dawai suggest kare....please consider this infection as an exceptional case not like regular kidney stone patients. .......since last couple of months I am taking medicines from jiva ayurved and they have prescribed gokshur varunadi kwath , giloy kwath,tab gokshura, tab chandraprabha vati but with these medicines infection reduces but if I stop these medicines again infection rises.......kindly revert back.....thanks

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    jiva ayurveda have told you good treatment and it will work on cleaning urinary infections very well. but for no recurrence it is insufficient.
    have consultation with me at my clinic for reverting it back.
    Dr Milind Chatrabhuji
    [email protected]
    from Vadodara, Gujarat, India.
    you can find the way to my clinic by typing "milind chatrabhuji" in google.

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