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    Ayurvedic Man

    Apple During Pregnancy

    Apple is an excellent home remedy for various diseases. Eating apple during pregnancy is very beneficial and guard your child from various allergic diseases and asthma.

    According to University of Aberdeen, UK, An apple is really advantageous during pregnancy. In the study conducted by University of Aberdeen found that, children of mothers, who ate apples during pregnancy found less problem of wheezing and asthma as compared to other mothers who had ate less apple.

    This study shows that apple an excellent herb for pregnant women. Apple is a rich and natural source of vitamin D, E and zinc. These vitamins are very effective for reducing the chances of wheezing and asthma. Apple also reduces many other respiratory problems. A very powerful antioxidants available in apple known as ‘flavonoids’ responsible for protecting against asthma.

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    Thaks for sharing.

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    Good fruit during the time of pregnancy and also helps your children to feel safe and secured. It will keep away many diseases from your child which include the asthma and allergic diseases.

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