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Thread: Nasal allergy

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    Nasal allergy


    actually i want to ask ayurvedic remedies for my elder brother.he is 27
    years old. actually he is suffering from severe nasal allergy from last one
    year.he is not allergic to some specific substance but sometimes he suffers from
    continuous and rigorous sneezing.it could happen to him any time(day&night).some
    times it remains for 2 hours or 10 minutes or whole day.i request u all to pls
    suggest me some remedies to get him relived from his allergy.he had used
    shadbindu oil but it didnt helped him.

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    Nasal allergy which is very sever for those who suffer in it and in the very same allergy asthma also start which can cause the problems for taking the breath.May be the bone in the nose for one or both nostril increase and due to which such allergy never better except surgery.

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