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    Dipa Deshpande

    Natural cures for cavities

    Does anyone know of any natural cures for cavities rather than having to get a root canal or fillings?
    Does anyone also know how to prevent cavities from forming if the enamelis weakened slightly cracked?

    Also, many of the toothpastes Mouthwashes (Colgate, Sensodyne) have bad for health ingredients listed (saccharin, sucrolose, titanium dioxide, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.).

    So, does anyone know of any natural healthy toothpastes or mouthwashes which actually do prevent cavities?

    Thank you for any help. Kindly appreciate it.

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    I've read a post on Dentures which was quite informative. I then tried the same at home. I take 2 tsp of rock salt then add 2 tsp of mustard oil thereby forming a mixture. I think massaging your teeth with this solution helps. Its helping for me at-least.

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    I use a mixture of baking soda and extra virgin coconut oil. Some folks like to add a bit of flavor but I don't mind the taste. Also, oil pulling is an excellent way to rid your body of toxins, but it takes 20 minutes so I don't do it every day.

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    interesting...doesn't the jagged edges of the salt harm the surface of the enamel and gums?

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    Post Natural cure for cavities

    Search in google for "oil pulling" its a powerful remedy to kill bacteria that lives in mouth.
    Try tooth powders..i have also stop using toothpaste , i use "dant kanti" tooth powder which have herbs as its ingredients and is chemical free. ...There have been testimonies of cavity reverse ,as teeth recover itself provided you have nutrition accordingly... Hope it helped ..!!

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    Nem posses rich ayurvedic properties very beneficial for curing cavities and oral problems.

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    Oral Health and its Many Influences.

    Change Your Diet.

    Increment Your Vitamin D Intake.

    Limit Phytates in Your Diet.

    Drink Bone Broth.

    Probiotics Improve Oral Health.

    Drink Green Tea:

    Utilize High Quality Supplements.
    My life is my message

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