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    Question Detox Symptoms or Illness From Nilibhringaraj?

    I have an aggravation of the Pitta dosha and was suffering patchy hair loss. It was recommended to try Nilibhringaraj topically on the scalp. I attempted three separate applications on different nights but each time, I felt nauseous after application.
    I tried, last night a very light application diluted in plain coconut oil. I slept successfully through the night but in the morning I awoke and had stomach cramps. I had Diarreah and felt slightly weak all day.
    The brand of oil claims to be certified organic. I believe it to be free from Antimony but not totally sure.

    How do I proceed?

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    Hi Babzilla,

    I guess you are using Nilibhringaraja oil. if the patchy hair loss is alopacea areata, before oil application, scrubbing is necessary. I have never seen any sort of these symptoms after tropical application of Nilibhringaraja. I think it is your dosha imbalance that's making these symptoms. So before continuing with the application, have a dosha assessment and do the necessary according to an expert advice.

    Take care!

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