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    Besides also elaborate on your smoking and drinking habits ?
    Dr Kanika Verma
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    Ashwagandha is a herb and its regular use is highly advisable even for healthy people. there are no known side effects. Infact it is a daily health supplement according to ayurveda. Only problem can be any allergy you have to it. Besides what time are you taking the Tab. and with what ? Drinking milk with it will be very beneficial. If you face no problems with it, you can take upto 2 tabs per day. But please let me know if you felt any problem while taking it.

    I gave you a point wise plan in the first response. Please give point to point response as how you've followed it.

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    Dr Kanika Verma
    Ayurveda Consultant

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    Ok I see this and tell you in details.


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    I have sent you the details.


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    In impotent people, the sex organ doesn’t erect properly during sexual intercourse, which leads into an embarrassing state of mind. Your sexual organ is made of certain muscles filled with blood vessels. During sexual arose, there is more blood flow in the organ, which causes stiffness and erection in the organ. The physiological reasons leading into erectile dysfunctions are; secretion of low level of testosterone from pituitary gland, physical trauma and surgery, drug abuse, mental state (depression, stress, anxiety etc.).

    There are numerous supplements available in the market, but also have side effects. In Ayurveda, there are many supplements available. Among them are Shilajit, it is known as fountain of youth, it overcomes all your weakness. Extract of Tribulus terrestris has been reported as the inducers of testosterone level in blood. Its nutritional supplements have promoted large gain in strength and muscle index. There are numerous herbs, which has corrected the dysfunction of organs for example Safed Musli, Kali Musli, Semal musli, Gokshur, Shatavari, Ashwangandha, Akarkarabha, Vidarikand, Kesar, Jaifal/Javetari etc. In market extracts of these herbs are available in tablets, capsule or churna form. Combining these herbs together has given synergistic effects, which has produced the optimal performance, semen quality and quantity, premature ejaculation, youthfulness, cheerfulness, skin glow, happiness and confidence.

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    suggest good centre for vajikarana chikitsa theraphyyy..........

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