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    Rose water make excellent eyes wash. Rose water reduce stress and exhaustion that one feels after sitting for long hours in front of computer and television screens.

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    Hi Katia, here is the article where you can find how to prepare pure rose water eye drops. http://recipes.organicxbenefits.com/recipe-rose-water/
    Thanks for sharing. It is really helpful article.

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    This drop is Useful and awesome.

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    Rose water has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. A few drops of rose water a day in the infected eye for 2-3 days can help you treat allergic conjunctivitis. You can also put cotton balls dipped in rose water over your eyes. This will help you with the irritation. Rose water is cool and soothing for the eyes, and helps to get rid of the dust particle that caused allergic conjunctivitis in the first place.

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    It provides relief to your eyes after a day’s fatigue. Relieves pressure in the eyes, which also reduces pain.

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