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    Eating Herbs and Spices for Natural Healing

    Spices play a big part in all of our lives. There are groups of herbs and spices that we all find common depending on where we live on the globe and what grows in each region.

    Some herbs are more rare than others and harder to find not to mention, they are also more expensive.

    We enjoy the flavor of the herbs and how they enhance the flavor of our food. Sometimes the herbs and spices make the food colorful and we can always count on them to spice things up. That's all, many people don't think of herbs and spices in any other way here in America.

    The main reason to use herbs and spices is to assist digestion. In order to do that you need to include all 6 of the tastes:

    Ayurvedic cooking is unique because it incorporates each of the tastes into each meal allowing our food to be optimized in our body. Because all of the tastes are incorporated we will absorb more nutrients and utilize the nutrients in a more optimum way. When we are able to absorb and utilize our food, we have less chance of producing "sludge" in our system that slows us down and makes us feel sluggish. We call that "sludge" Ama in Ayurveda.

    Because disease has only two ways to enter the body and one of those ways is the gut, our digestion has the ability to keep us well and healthy or when it is having a problem it can lead to disease.

    One way disease enters is through our digestion and the other way is through stress. Stress is pretty tricky. Stress can be internal or external. We can name external stress all day long, especially if you have a stressful job.

    What type of stress is considered internal stress? Some of our internal stress comes from eating wrong food combinations, eating out of time, eating too much or too little, eating when we aren't hungry and other digestive related things.

    My point here is that digestion can give you issues and stress can give you issues and some of the issues that stress comes from is the diet. It all effects the digestion. I am sure you are getting the point here, it's a vicious circle, one leads to the other.

    Let's get back to the reasons that Ayurvedic cooking is unique. As we stated it incorporates all the tastes to allow our digestion to work better so that we are enhanced and we absorb and utilize our food, all of this is preventing disease.

    So when we eat the correct foods in the correct amount at the right time we are able to be preventative about our health.

    When we manage our diet in such a way, we completely cut off one route of disease. In addition we cut off part of the path of internal Stress which comes from the diet.

    This is Natural healing at it's finest. When we are able to manage our health with fresh food, herbs and spices that are local, the natural healing will happen


    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7608101

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    Very true, India herbs and species provides natural treatment to number of diseases and disorders.

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