The Therapy of the Marmas or Vital Parts of the Body.

Unique features

1.Dislocation of shoulder, ankle, knee etc. can be corrected by manipulative methods without surgical intervention.
2.Disc prolapse, cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder etc. can be corrected non- surgically.
3.Paralysis and musculo-skeletal deformities can be corrected by sustained therapeutic procedures of marmachikilsa.
4.Various injuries or trauma to marmas may lead to so many complications. Special treatment to these injuries and complications, including treatment for head injury are available in this department.

Marma Chikilsa has a greater role to play in treating low back pain caused by disc problems because patients who has undergone surgery for the same are not fully satisfied and a significant percentage of them have recurrence of back pain.Clinically the patient presents with low back pain with radiation to one of the lower limbs with an acute on set. Even slightest of jerky movements like cough, sneeze, precipitates pain. It is often described as sharp, shock like sensation. Some times the pain is chronic in nature with intermittent frequency aggravated by cold weather, over work and constipation.Signs elicited are low back tenderness over the spinous process of affected vertebrae with adjacent Paraspinal muscle spasm restricting spinal movements of flexion and extension.Straight leg raising test may be positive which indicates nerve root pressure exerted by the disc.

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