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    Reduce under-eye darkness

    1. Drink plenty of fluids
    2. Wear sunscreen if exposed to more than 10 minutes of sunlight
    3. Get plenty of sleep
    4. Apply plain cool teabags, cool cucumber slices or two chilled teaspoons
    for about 15 minutes
    5. Reduce your salt intake
    6. Use eye creams with Vitamin K
    7. Elevated pillows help keep the puffiness of your eyes down. Note: Do not use elevated pillows if you suffer from pains in the neck region.

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    My friend takes vasline, puts it on a metal spoon and freezes it for 15 minutes. Then she applies it to her eyes for a few minutes. And this was worked for her.
    Or you can try to take two thin slices of cucumber on place on your eyelids for 10-15 minutes. This helps cool your eyes and pretty much lighten your dark circles.

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    I use to soak cotton with rose water and keep that wet cotton on my eyes daily for about 15-20 minutes in morning and evening too. This will keep your eyes cool and reduce dark circles.
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    A number of ayurvedic herbs are also useful in curing under eye darkness.

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    Thank you salma i am facing lot of problem with under eye darkness now from your tips i can easily reduce it

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    Thanks all your tips to lightening the dark circles of your eye.

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    Using raw potato, Cucumber, Green Tea Bags, Almond Oil and many such naturl products which can be used to remove dark circles. In today busy schedules Most of the people prefer to apply products like this that reduces the appearances of fine lines and diminishes dark circles.

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    Baking Soda also reduce dark circle under eyes.

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    Dark circles are a very complicated thing and we should always try to prevent them first. We must wear sunglasses when we go out. Apply rose water and under eye cream daily. Sleep well and try to sleep early. These are the little things but they matter a lot so we have to take care of it. One of my friends had a really bad dark circle so she started wearing UV protected sunglasses from Wholesale Sun glasses on a daily basis and slept early and applied under eye cream, etc. And that really helped her a lot.

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