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    Ayurveda, the right way of living?

    Indians have been following Ayurveda since centuries and rightly so. Because if we follow Ayurveda correctly and diligently, it can do wonders for our physical and mental health. Use only natural products for both eating and applying on the skin. Generally, if you follow this simple rule: apply on your skin only what you can eat, then your skin will always thank you for it. So if you eat papaya, apply papaya and its skin on your body, the same case with banana and lemon. Also, coconut is a great product for your skin. Fights dryness and ageing. Use coconut in the form of milk or oil on your skin and see your skin glowing. Do you believe in Ayurveda? Which natural product do you use for your skincare?

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    ayurveda being the most effective way of living but iam afraid that it may contain some side effects..is this true/...??

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    Each and every Physical Damage/Fracture/Physical Stress can be cured by these naturally extracted oils. These oils are very essential for the treatment in the Ayurvedic treatment. And they do not have any side effect...

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    Today many people are shifting towards Ayurvedic or herbal medicines just because these medicines can remove or vanish any disease from root and never let them come back.
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