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    Moisturizer for dry skin?

    Can anybody suggest a good moisturizer for my dry skin in summer?

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    Hey Renita. There are many moisturizers cream in the market. Like Vasaline, Nivea, Dove, Parachute Body lotion, Ponds etc.
    But I prefer Parachute, because of smell and feeling that you experience. Hope this helps.

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    Use some herbal or Ayurveda creams that will really helpful for your dry skin or you can use some aloe-Vera based creams or gel.

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    Thanks everyone. I tried Vasaline, i dint like because of the smell. I bought parachute summer fresh body lotion and has been using it. I loved it; it smells great and no complaints till date.

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    Natural Homemade Skin Moisturizer

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    Apply Vasaline It's good for you.

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    @Renita Ghosh
    hi renita, it seems you are fed up of dry skin...even i was going through the same problem.But then my friend told me about this natural product-'facia silky touch' which keeps my skin moisturize for a whole day. you may get it in general store,if not then you can purchase it online as well. Go through this link to enquire about the product: qk.vc/qkhofp

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    Avoid products for your face and body in which alcohol is used in them. why? because its drying. and there is none that is good for you.

    use anything with moisturizing butters, which is soothing and leaves your skin well nourished the way it should be.

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    Try the Vitamin E lotion from the Body Shop, it's amazing for dry skin. ...

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