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    Looking for a good ayurvedic soap

    What do you recommend for ayurvedic soap?

    I'm have dry skin and looking for a soap that moisturize and relieve my itching.

    Thank you!!

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    Don't rely on soaps...soak besan in raw milk and add a little honey and fresh milk cream and bathe with it. In the night before sleeping, apply coconut oil.

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    The natural substances of the ayurvedic soaps is the primary reason which raise the reputation of these products in the market. in the previous times, people were not that much aware about the difficulties that could be induced due to the existence of chemical substances in the soaps that they use daily.

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    All soaps are same. Ayurvedic soaps will have herbal extracts in them. The best natural way is to mix green gram, yellow gram, fenugreek seeds in proportion 1:2:1/2 and get it floured. Use the mixed flour for bathing and to wash face. This natural scrub help to retain natural oil of body and provide nutrients to skin.

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    I too have very sensitive skin that itches easily, and I recommend not using soap at all. I stopped using soap years ago. I only use a little for armpits and genitals/butt area, and feet if they're really grimy. Instead of soap, you can give yourself an oil massage before you shower; the dirt will stick to the oil, and then you take a hot shower and it all washes down the drain. Another solution is to wash once a week with baking soda (which is soothing for inflamed skin, just don't leave it on more than 30 seconds), and the rest of the week I just rinse in water. The baking soda cleans very well and also gently exfoliates.
    And by the way, I smell really good, and my skin is soft and smooth. I get a lot of compliments on my skin!

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    what are the advantages of using a herbal soap..??

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    can anyone recommend a good herbal soap to keep skin glowing ..???

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    This is a Ayurvedic soap very excellent

    Unique blend of pure Almond, Kashmiri Saffron and nutmeg oil makes your skin look younger, healthy and brighter by gently removing the impurities, leaving the skin soft and clean. Saffron improves complexion and makes your skin radiant.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    100 gms Rs.35/-

    contact for soap enquiry
    Email : [email protected]

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    Sri Sri Ayurveda Malai Cream Soap is rich in milk cream to make your skin soft, supple and glowing. Malai Cream Soap helping the skin shed dry skin cells. Gentle exfoliation results in healthier looking skin. This is a pure ayurveda products. Visit here http://www.sattvastore.com/wellness-and-personal-care/hair-care/malai-cream-soap-10000000000911.html?___SID=U and buy now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quantity: 1 ₹ 33.00

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    Neem one of the good ayurvedic soap known for curing skin disorders like itching and dry skin

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