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    Panchakarma procedure benefits


    Importance of Panchakarma procedures:

    According to Ayurveda, human body is composed of innumerable number of sortas (channels) which help in circulation of nutrients, energies, impulses and also the medicaments to different parts of the body.

    There is an inherent tendency of blockage (sroto avarodha) and distortion (sroto dushti) of these channels which forms the pathology in most of the diseases.Thus ayurvedic principle of treatment includes SAMSHODHANA or periodical purificatory therapies to clear these channels. The entire principle of panchakarma therapies is designed to achieve this goal.

    Panchakarma Treatments

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    In Ayurveda theory, diseases form in the body as a result of toxin or ama formation. To stay health, regular cleansing of these toxins is required. Panchakarma is the process of cleansing to eliminate the ama from the body and prevent diseases. Pancha means five and karma means action, so panchakarma is five different treaments.
    Panchakarma greatly benefits those with chronic diseases. It also helpful to build immunity and maintain good health. You can find out more about Panchakarma here: http://www.karehealth.com/ayurvedic-...anchkarma.aspx

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    Toxic residues tend to accumulate in the body due to various reasons and cause cell and tissue damage, leaving one prone to many severe health conditions like cancer, liver & kidney damage, arthritis, atherosclerosis, to name a few.

    Occasional bouts of stomach disturbances, headaches, irritability, a general feeling of uneasiness or fatigue in the middle of a busy day are often signals to denote that it is time to detoxify. Very often there are no symptoms at all and one gets no clue till problems erupt.

    The Detoxification program mainly comprises of The Panchakarmas the classical Ayurvedic purification procedures like Vamanam (Emesis), Virechanam (Purgation) & Vastis (Enema) and Nasya (nasal Instillation) apart from Abhyanga (oil massage) & Swedana (Steam bath) procedures to bring about complete detoxification & cleansing from within. Panchakarma can be taken as a wellness package as well as part of the prescribed treatment plan.

    We at AVN Arogya, offer the best panchakarma treatment as advised in the classic text books and in line with the current day requirements.

    Get Free Tele-Consultation - https://goo.gl/mssg1X

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