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    ayurveda hospital & massage centre in chennai


    Major benefit -Improves tissue strength and blood circulation, rejuvenates body, removes cellulite, beautifies skin, induces sound sleep and promotes vitality. It also reduces stress and removes toxins.

    General tiredness, body ache, stress, insomnia, lack of exercise

    Duration of the therapy 1 Hour

    Contraindications, if any Fever, pregnancy, cold, indigestion

    ayurveda hospital & massage centre in chennai

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    Hi Durga,

    I have been searching best ayuveda hospital and message therapy in Kerala. One of my friend suggested me about Namami retreat centre. She told me about their services and their treatment. They have ayurveda treatments which includes oil bath and panchakarma treatments which will help to detoxify the body and eliminate the illness. She suggested me about their various packages and offers. She is feeling really good after doing oil bath. I am planning ti go for a healthy holidays this time.


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    Best Ayurvedic Centre in Chennai - Jammi Wellness Centre

    As an ayurvedic consultant, I have most experience and user satisfied center, which I am regularly suggesting for people in Chennai, who are being best at their treatments with more than 90+ years in the industry.. Jammi - An Advanced Ayurvedic expert as an wellness center and hospitality in Chennai with extreme happy clients.. Find the centre in Mylapore, Chennai to get complete solution for your disorders.. Anything can be treated with ayurvedic solutions and you can find their products in online too!!


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