I am 28 yrs old, living in Chennai, India. I have been suffering from hair loss and receding hairline since 7- 8 years. Since the past two yrs, the hairline had receded a lot and I saw no option but to go for a transplant.

First I would like to thanks for DermaClinix Chennai, who suggest me best solution for my hair loss problem.

Actually before sometime, i was suffering from hair loss problem day by day, feeling very shy and upset, then someone come and ask for me for consultation with best hair transplant surgeon, then i am go with browser and search best hair transplant surgeon..

Then, We meet with Dr. Ariganesh Chandrasegaran & they suggest me best solution for my hair loss problem.

If anyone looking for hair transplant clinic or hair transplant surgeon then DermaClinix Chennai is the best option for hair transplantation.

For how long will I have to take these medicines?

And, always the answer would be: FOREVER! I would take it for a few months or weeks and stop. I was a fool not to listen to those doctors. Because the only way to retain hair without surgery is to have some or the other treatment/ medication FOREVER.

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