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    How to care for skin without spending much time on it?

    I manage my house and have a day job too. Help me with some*quick and natural skin care tips

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    Proper diet and food are very important for the growth of skin, eat fresh vegetables and fruits because they provides us vitamin and calories which are very essential for skin, juices of citrus fruit are also very helpful for skin .

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    first control ur diet have balanced and nutritious diet, avoid taking white sugar and white flour and all other junk foods.
    sleep properly, drink more water and once in week use some homemade herbal face pack like honey and banana pack

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    These tips are really very helpful to take care of the skin without spending much time on it. All these include home made remedies which is very easy to use it for the skin.
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    Ayurveda is the best treatment for making good skin. Ayurvedic treatments are available at afffordable price in Gujarat.

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    Ayurveda is very helpful in treating skin since ancient times and Neem one of the best herbal medicine.

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    Taking small meals periodically, drinking plenty of water, eating fiber foods, etc can keep you well maintained.

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    drink plenty of water and avoid your skin from sun rays.

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    Helpful sharing about how to care for skin without spending much time on it ...

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    If you are spending less time in this month ( karkidakam/ July-August) you can get long time protection ( exactly 1 year) for skin and body. for more details visit : http://www.deepanjaliretreat.com/enquiry.html

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