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    Benefits of Yoga

    Yoga exercises brings flexibility in your body, Yoga exercises helps in breathing better, Yoga exercises increased your strength,
    Yoga stable autonomic nervous system balance, Yoga exercises reduce high blood pressure.....
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    Here are the 5 benefits of yoga I found most surprising:

    Compassion: Who would have thought that a physical practice could help me feel compassion and understanding for myself and those around me? Yoga philosophy tells us that weíre all one, but itís the experience of many bodies moving and breathing simultaneously that I think really created that understanding for me. I realized that weíre all just doing the best we can in life. Thereís something very liberating about that mind-set that can melt away ill-will, competition, and petty disagreements like nothing else.

    Mindful eating: I am not a health-food yogi. In fact, at one point in my life, my daily diet consisted of little more than chicken fingers, French fries, and soda. But after a just a few months of yoga, I found myself craving leafy greens. Yoga changed the way I ate because I started to pay more attention to how the food I took into my body affected me. I still eat my share of junk food (I do love a good cupcake!), but thanks to my yoga practice, itís an occasional treat instead of a daily habit.

    Strength: I was shocked when I realized how much strength it took to get through a yoga class. I was even more surprised by how quickly how strength-building poses that were once incredibly difficult for me got a little easier. I wasnít just getting more flexibleĖI was becoming stronger, too!

    Confidence: Itís one thing for someone to tell you that you can do anything you set your mind to. Itís another thing to actually experience it for yourself. It takes a lot of time and determination to stand on your head, hold the weight of your body on your hands, or even just to consistently unroll your mat to practice. But once youíve experienced it, you really start to believe you can do anything! You also start to see a beauty in yourself that you never knew was there. For me, this translated into a boost of confidence that I really needed.

    Better relationships: What do you get when you mix a little heightened awareness, a dash of compassion, a pinch of self-confidence, and a smidge of positivity? The ability to relate to people in a more meaningful way. And that means you get a stronger network of friends, confidants, and supporters. Of all the benefits Iíve reaped from my yoga practice, perhaps this is the most valuable of all.

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    Great Information tips I know but need to be practice....

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    Apoorva Yoga Academy is a recognized hatha yoga teacher training institute located in rishikesh, India.
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    The benefits of yoga are numerous. Yoga helps both physically and mentally.
    Physically, yoga helps increase flexibility, muscle strength and tone, improve respiration, energy and vitality, reduce weight, better cardio and circulatory health and maintain a good metabolism.
    Yoga also helps clear the mind and destress using meditation.

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    Doing yoga is best for the overall health and it also provide the health benefits to the body. If you start yoga and practice yoga for 15 minutes from 3 months straight, then you will see the positive result in health. For learning the aspects of yoga you can join the Yoga Teacher Training in India in which you will teach the yoga poses and another topic which is related to the yoga. By yoga practice you will get the huge benefits towards the body by keeping away the health issues and many other health related issues. Doing regular practice of yoga promotes the different types of health benefits.

    1. Reduce Stress: If you practice the yoga in your daily routine, then it will give the positive result in reducing the stress from your body. In the hectic lifestyle many people face the issue of stress in their life, but doing the regular practice of yoga will help in reducing the stress from your life and you live your life peacefully.

    2. Enhance Focus: By the 15 minutes of yoga practice it will also increase your focus ability. If you start the yoga poses practice in your daily routine, then it will be your best friend for your life and you will not face any health related issue in your life again. Yoga is best treatment for increasing the focus ability and helps you in living the better life.

    3. Better for Relationship: In the hectic and busy schedule many people don't give the enough time to their family and some time they get irritated and have a bad argument with their loved ones. This is only done because of the stress and depression. By the yoga practice it helps them to relieve the stress which is also better for the relationship.

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