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    10 effective Ayurveda herbal home remedies for Painful cracked heels

    Reduce intake of sugar and sweets. Jaggery can be used if sweet is inevitable.

    Avoid refined flours like Maida and corn flour.

    Stop using sour foods. Lemon and amla are exception. Lemon juice or dry amla (Emblica Officinalis can be used whenever needed).

    Cooked tomato, Potato and Brinjal (egg plant) have to be kept at bay.

    Add garlic and Onion in your recipes as they have very good anti inflammatory properties.

    Use cow ghee, butter and sesame oil whenever cooking needs greasing.

    Welcome sprouted legumes, green peas and ginger on your plate.

    Mix Jatyadi Taila and Ashwagandha taila in equal quantity. Warm this mixed oil and massage it on cracked heel and foot before going to bed. Cover the foot with non absorbent polythene sheet and wear socks. Wash this off next day morning with luke warm water and mild soap.

    Always wear cotton socks to aid good air circulation.

    Wear soft heeled slippers.

    Read more at http://www.ayurhelp.com/wordpress/?p=482

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    The tips that is being used for herbal remedies that can treat cracked heels.

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    Thanks Savita for helping me. It is really helpful to me

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