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    How to Protect Your Skin From the Sun with Natural SPF Oils?

    Did you know that you can protect your skin from the sun with natural SPF Oils? Did you know that,sesame oil and coconut oil come with natural SPF of 4-10 which means they shield the skin for about 45 minutes of sun exposure by blocking at least 75% of ultraviolet radiations ?

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    Sesame oil or “Til Tailum” has been mentioned in Ayurveda for its multiple properties. In fact, it has been claimed as best ayurvedic massage oil for its natural health benefits. This amber coloured, nut flavoured oil is acquired from the seeds of “Sesamum indicum” plant and it contains plenty of nutrients that are good for skin health. It is rich in minerals, fatty acids along with linoleic acid, which provide high levels of moisture and prevents dehydration in the skin. It is also rich in vitamin E, D and B complex which makes it effective enough to reduce scars and pigmentation on the skin.
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    According to me. Used ayurwedic oil, cream and lotion for protecting skin from sun rays and their damages. Sun rays damages skin as well as eyes. I used to wear sunglasses for protecting eyes from sunrays and external damages. Sunglasses are easily available in the general optical store.

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