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    Ayurveda Beauty and Skin Care Tips

    I found some cool beauty tips online just wanted to share:

    Wrinkle-free Soft Skin: Smooth castor oil on the face to keep it soft and wrinkle free.

    Clear Skin and Pores: Clean the skin and pores with unpasteurized milk on cotton wool.

    Natural Moisturizer: Make your own moisturizer for normal skin. Mix eight ounces of yogurt with a tablespoon of both lemon juice and orange juice to use on the face as a masque. Remove with damp cloth in about fifteen minutes.

    Skin Conditioner: To condition the skin, make a paste of two tablespoonfuls of cream stirred with one of honey. Leave mixture on skin for five minutes and remove with a wet facial cloth.
    Skin Tone and Pigmentation: A raw potato rubbed on the skin helps lighten pigmentation problems and improves skin tone.

    Natural Masque and Mixtures: It is possible to make a powerful masque by mixing turmeric powder, milk, and sandalwood powder. Leave this mixture on the face for several minutes and remove with water to give the skin vibrancy.

    Smooth Complexion: Apply orange juice to the face for a smoother complexion.
    Facial Hair: Remove facial hair with an application of sesame oil, turmeric powder, and wheat flour in equal proportions.

    Homemade Natural Sunscreen Lotion
    Of course, keeping the skin from the damaging rays of the sun is an especially important course of action for maintaining its youthful appearance. An ayurvedic formula is available that can be used for a sunscreen. Making it is quite simple.

    Just combine rose water with glycerin and cucumber juice. Refrigerate and apply this mixture before sun exposure each day.

    Blemish Control and Radiant Skin – Simple Formula
    Rose water may also be used to make a blemish control product. Mix it with equal parts of cucumber juice and lime juice. Apply each night to prevent break-outs and keep the complexion glowing.
    The application of mashed carrots to the face also results in a new radiance when left on the skin for an hour.
    If all of these suggestions sound like simple solutions to your skin care problems, read on. The following pages have even more great ideas to keep you looking flawlessly beautiful with natural products.

    Please read on.
    Read more: http://www.tryayurveda.com/blog/5-si...from-ayurveda/

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    Well!!I read out this article about ayurveda beauty and skin care tips.All the tips are very
    useful for the skin beauty.Genetically, we are wired to be attracted to people with clear skin
    and a glowing complexion because it's a sign of good health. Ayurveda has some time-proven
    tricks to make your skin clear....
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    Great products for skincare. But they are mostly about facial skin. What do I apply on body to get soft, smooth and glowing skin? I have heard coconut oil/milk is good for dry skin. Can I use parachute advansed body lotion that has coconut milk extracts, will it work the same way? Please let me know.

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    There are a lot of ways in having a beautiful skin that can help to endure a glowing skin.

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    Apply lemon fruit juice to the face for a better skin tone, Face Locks Eliminate facial hair with an application of sesame oil, turmeric extract dust, and rice flour in equivalent ratios....
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    VERY informative and knowledgeable, thanks for sharing salma

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    Protect you skin from the sun. By the way, your post is worth to read. Thanks.

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    Hello Everyone,
    Every people want to make our skin smooth,beautiful. For this, there are many ways to make beautiful skin that can help to endure a glowing skin.Alovera and Orange Gel's mixture is very effective for the skin.It gently exfoliates skin and boost production of new cells providing clean and healthy skin. Aloe Vera hydrates skin and helps recover skin faster from sun burns.

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    The tips you are sharing in this post regarding Ayurveda Beauty and Skin Care are amazing and i know one of the most popular person in this field Dr Yogi.

    Dr Yogi‘s Yogis Ayurveda came in existence in the year 1944. Our treatment, which are without operations & injections, with copied blessings that we are able to bring successful cures which has made us world famous.

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    you shared very nice tips thanx

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