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    Hi. Can I get some advice on nutrition? + success story

    Hi! First of all a nice forum, I hope more people come here.

    I want to share that Ayurveda was the only thing that helped relieve my lifelong constipation. I used triphala very effectively, after going through only one package the problem permanently disappeared from my life for the most part. (I suffered from this since I was very small)

    I am a vata kapha mixed constitution, and I lack digestive and metabolic "fire".
    It's been hard to find good lists for how foods increase or decrease doshas, so if anyone knows please recommend me some good links. Many times resources are conflicting.

    This is what I'm doing:

    - I have tea in the evening - 9 spices according to my constitution: caraway, cinnamon...
    - I made a green spice mix with green spices good for my constitution + fennel. I put this into my cooked meals. Figured spices are a very effective way to balance yourself since they are so strong.
    - I kicked out most things I shouldn't eat in general (dry, cold, gluten - causes me eczema, processed and so on).
    - How are lard and ghee for my constitution? I try to cook on sesame, grapeseed and mustard oil now. What are the best oils for me?
    - Warm lemon water with some ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper first thing in the morning (after oil pulling if I'm not in much hurry). And now I'm trying to introduce hot water sometimes during the day to warm up the system. I love warmth even in summer I use heater all year long.
    - I use MSM since it immensely helps me for energy, alongside collagen. I just introduced omega 3. That's that of supplements.

    One problem that persists is weak immunity and chronic swelling with vein weakness.
    Any ideas what to do about this? Looks like both is related to inefficient lymphatic system. I have been to doc many years ago as I have been swelling since I was a child and they examined me in detail and couldn't find the reason. Heart, thyroid, kidneys all ok. I look like a ragdoll. Legs and arms and face always being puffy. I'm 32. I am starting with acupressure and herbal diuretics also. I don't care what helps first, I just want to get rid of the problem.

    Another persisting problem I have is with concentration. My short term memory is terrible, bad focus, forget everything constantly, scattered, no follow through, can't multitask, inattentive, if someone interrupts me I completely forget what I was doing. I am aware a lot of this if not all is Pitta deficiency. Long term memory is good and I also very easily memorize new things. How do I increase Pitta without aggravating it into heartburn or something like that? Thanks.
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    Thanks so much for sharing your personal ayurveda experience! We hope the ayurvedic doctors around the globe will be able to help you with your question. Take care

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