I'm looking for an Ashwaganda alternative to help with the relief of anxiety and depression, and for overall adrenal health. I'm a 36-y/o female.

My research on herbal treatments for adrenal health led me to a wealth of information and rave reviews about the positive effects of Ashwaganda; however, after three months of taking it twice daily as recommended, I am discontinuing it but not because it didn't live up to the hype in the realm of stress management, anxiety and depression (because it did). Rather, i am discontinuing it because I have not experienced hormonal acne of this magnitude since high school!

Here's what I didn't fully realize in my research: Ashwaganda boosts testosterone. For men, this seems to often be the goal; but, as a female with a history of PCOS/elevated androgens, this added boost is not ideal. Additionally, I have two autoimmune conditions Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and Celiac Disease and Ashwaganda seems to disrupt both, causing elevations in my heart rate and body temperature (sweaty!) and digestive issues.

Is there an alternative? I'm looking for the brain-boosting, mood-lifting, immunity-building properties of Ashwaganda without the testosterone elevation.

Any advice is much appreciated!