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    Arrow Menstrual Disorder in women

    menstruation (periods) is a naturally occurring in women's body once in a month. Periods come predictably. They begin and stop at about a similar time each 21 to 30 days overall. Typical period draining is substantial on initial 2 days and goes on for ordinarily 4-6 days. Menstrual cycle ought to be normal and period draining should make slightest inconvenience any lady.

    At the point when this isn't the situation and you are experiencing unpredictable period cycle or part of physical and mental worry amid periods, it is a notice of menstrual issue. Menstrual Disorder can trigger extreme PMS confusions.

    PMS-Pre-menstrual Syndrome-is the troublesome stage which begins seven days before the period date. Ladies endure physically and sincerely amid this stage and feel better once the periods start. Indeed, even the ladies with ordinary period go can experience mellow to direct PMS indications.

    Fortitude, Gynaecology & Obstetrics Clinic (Ayurveda) aims to make periods less stressful for women.


    • Hereditary (mother to daughter)

    • Hormonal Imbalance

    • Haywire Functioning of Reproductive System

    • Abnormal structure of uterus/ovaries/fallopian tubes

    • Defective uterine lining

    • Hyperactive/Under-active Ovaries

    • No/Delayed Ovulation

    • Fibriods in Ovaries

    • Other Gynaec Complications(PCOD/Vaginal Infections/Endometriosis)

    • Major Health Issues (Thyroid/Diabetes)

    • Blood Clotting Disorders/Low Blood Platelet Disorder

    • Major Blood Diseases (Sickle Cell/ Major Thalasemia)

    • Liver/Kidney Disorder

    • Long-term/Heavy Dose of anti-biotics

    • Junk Food/Poor Diet

    • Late Nights/Stress

    Ayurveda Benefits

    • Balance Hormones & Doshas

    • Boosts Physical Strength & Stamina

    • Reproductive Functions back to normal

    • Healthy Uterine Lining

    • Regular Period Cycle

    • Normal Bleeding Pattern

    • On –time Ovulation

    • Fight Gynaec Complications (PCOD,Endometriosis,Vaginal Infections)

    • Weight Management

    • Healthy Diet & Sleep Pattern

    • Reduce & cure PMS symptoms

    • Prevent & cure severe PMS Complications

    • Natural Conception

    • Balanced state of mind

    • Self Care, maintenance & hygiene

    • Happy, Easy & Painless Period Cycle
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    Thanks! for sharing an informative article regarding menstrual disorder in women .Nowdays menstrual problem has become very common in women due to the busy schedule and stressed lifestyle,in such case this article would be very helpful in identifying the problem and getting the treatment according to it.

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