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    Smile Ayurvedic Hair Care

    Homemade Ayurvedic shampoo
    Soak equal amount of reeta,shikakai,amla overnight in an iron container.Mash into a smooth paste,strain and use as shampoo.Anyleft overs can be refrigerated for upto a week.Wash hair once or twice a week as needed.

    Hair oil
    Massage scalp regularly with any organic coconut/sesame/mustard oil,leave for atleast 1 hour or overnight before taking a head bath.
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    In the hectic lifestyle people face the issue of stress and depression. The stress and depression levels will increase the chances of hair fall which is the biggest problem faced by the people. For curing the hair fall you must try the Ayurvedic herbs which give the effective results for curing the hair fall problem.
    Aromatic Jatamansi
    Aloe vera

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    Yes, we know plenty of desi hair-care remedies handed down to us by Ayurveda that could help heal damaged hair naturally.

    CBD Oil Tinctures
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    Ayurvedic Hair Care

    My hair is naturally straight and I love it Though once and a while I love curling my hair up because it makes me look more elegant and pretty. I do it probably once or twice a month because my curls last about four days and I dont like damaging my hair that much.

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    Natural Remedy for Hair Fall

    Natural remedy for hair fall depends largely on the intake of sufficient amount of vital nutrients in the daily diet. It is supplied by milk, buttermilk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, soyabeans, meat and fish. A lack of vitamin A may cause the hair to be coarse and ugly. A shortage of some of the B vitamins, iron, copper and iodine may cause hair disorders like falling of hair and untimely greying.

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