There are many Ayurveda treatments traditionally developed and practiced in Kerala

where the art of healing preserved with all its precious sanctity and wisdom. They


This treatment is used for diseases like arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia,

paralysis, sexual weakness, nervous weakness and nervous disorders. Treatment- In

this 2-4 trained therapists are there for applying lukewarm herbal oils all over

the body in special rhythmic way.
Time Period: the treatment is done continuously for about 60 to 90 minutes for a

period of 7 to 21 days.

2. Njavarakkizhi
It is the treatment for rheumatism, emaciation of limbs, joints pain, high blood

pressure and skin diseases.

Treatment- In this process whole body or specific part of body is applied certain

medicinal puddings in external form. Time Period -it is applied for about 60 - 90

minutes for a period of 14 days.

3. Shirodhara
Sira is head. Dhara is continuous Dripping of liquid. Treatment - In this treatment

herbal oils, medicated butter milk and milk are poured in a special process on

Time Period : It is done for about 40 minutes for a period of 7 to 21 days. It is

done for treatment of insomnia, short term memory loss, certain skin diseases,

headaches and mental illness.

4. Shirovasthi
This treatment is effective for paralysis, nostrils Dryness, throat ,mouth and head

Treatment- specially prepared lukewarm oils are poured in a cap fitted on the head

Time Period : It is held for 15 to 60 minutes according to the conditions of

patient for a period of 07 days.

5. Udvarthanam
Udvarthanam is known to be as powder massage. It is highly effective in the

paralysis, hemiplegia, impaired circulation,obesity, skin diseases etc. Treatment-

here two therapists apply special herbal powder on body
Time Period : It is done for about 30 to 40 minutes.

6. Abhyangam
This treatment is beneficial in obesity, loss of skin lustre, sleeplessness and

Treatment- it is a type of oil massage. Circulatory strokes are given during the

Time Period : It is done for 45 minutes for 14 days.

7. Kizhi
It is a special massage, herbal steam bath treatment. This is used for improving

vigour and vitality.
Treatment- In this, herbal leaves made into bolus are dipped in warm medicated oils

and applied on body or a specified part.
Time Period: It is done for a period of 08 - 12 days.

8. Snehapanam
Snehapanam means intake of medicated oils orally.
Treatment -It is done as a preparatory process for purification of the body. In it

oils are given internally in increasing quantity.
Time Period : It is done for a period of 08 - 12 days.

It is a genital organ purification process.
Treatment - herbal oils are applied through vaginal root. This is useful for

gynaecological disorders.
Time Period : It is done for a period of 14-56 days.

10. Lepanam
This treatment is used for various types of skin diseases, gout, arthritis etc.
Treatment - medicated herbal pastes are applied on the affected part.
Time Period : It is done for a period of 45-60 days.

11. Gandoosham-
Involves filling and keeping of medicated oil or decoction in the mouth
Time Period : It is done for a period of 10 -15 minutes

Please note that the time and duration of the treatments are variable according to

patient and are usually fixed by the physician.