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    cure for unsteady gait possibly related to CSD (also known as PPPD)

    Dear Ayurveda friends,
    I've been experiencing symptoms similar to Chronic Subjective Dizziness while walking and it's taking its toll.
    It is strongly correlated to a sensation in the ajna area, which is brought on by sleeping not covered by a blanket at night,
    or by drafty windows while sleeping. Also by cold wind during the cold months.
    I am puzzled by the connection between exposure to cold, drafty wind at night (while sleeping) and a persistent sensation in
    the ajna area. What could it be? What kind of prana vayu is involved and what material should I read to learn more?
    I have very basic understanding of Ayurveda, i.e. am not a practitioner. Thank you.

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    Hi sniko213,

    Have you seek treatment through Ayurveda yet? I was told that Purnarvadi kashayam or tablets can help. I have been diagnosed for Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) just last month and I am trying to treat it with Ayurveda. Seems like Ayurveda treatment is more expensive then western medicine outside India.

    Best Regards

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