What is this Goosebzu in this prescription? is it aamla?

Sex Power Booster: Goosebzu powder 100 gm,
Misri powder 100 gm, Mix it and store in an airtight container. Take one tsp. with water at evening and after two hour of taking this mixture take one glass malt milk (malt milk means milk with 1 tsp. bourn vita, horlicks, complain, boost etc malt product if these malt products is unavailable then use 1 tsp. barley powder in milk as malt, remember malt milk is necessary part of this remedy so not use common milk without malt instead of malt milk). After 3-day use one can feel very sexual hunger and we recommended that use it in control manner and with your life partner only. If you control this hunger it will convert in spiritual power.