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    No other than ayurvedic for arthritis

    my friends searched many places for best medicine cures arthritis but ayurvedic is the best one among all those medicines..

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    Most of the current pharmacological and surgical line of treatment of arthritis are associated with number of potentially serious adverse effects and may also increase the other health risk. They just target pain and offer no advantage in terms of reversing the basic pathological mechanisms of arthritis. The unsatisfactory outcome with allopathic treatment of arthritis has continued the search for effective alternative and additional therapies. Ayurveda, the oldest healing science is complete system of natural medicine. Ayurveda approaches arthritis by detoxifying the digestive system, easing inflammation by removal of accumulated toxins (ama) and pacifying the vata imbalance from the body. It advocates and encourages healthy lifestyle, diet, exercise, yoga, meditation and herbal ayurvedic herbs and medication to benefit arthritis relief. Ayurveda treats arthritis from within, halts its progression at the same time eases the pain and stiffness with no side effects to live a long healthy and balance life without the need for painful complicated surgery and symptomatic drugs. Thus Ayurvedic treatments and its principles stand out as the most effective approach towards arthritis.

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