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    1. Don't skip breakfast
    2. Eat regular meals
    3. Drink plenty of water
    4. Use a smaller plate
    5. Don't ban foods
    6. Cut down on alcohol
    7. Plan your meals

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    How to reduce weight?

    You can reduce weight by doing yoga and gym.
    both are very effective for weight loss.
    Yoga is a traditional form of exercise which helps in focusing the mind, body, and soul. It was practiced in ancient India and people of every age group can experience its benefits. The Yoga word is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj,” which means the union of an individual with the universe.

    The practice of yoga includes physical activity which helps in connecting with the body, mind, and soul. Here, you will learn about Yoga for weight loss, and you can practice them anywhere without any equipment.

    Doing yoga is best for your body and also helps in reducing weight. It is a gentle form of exercise for weight loss and also gives effective results. There are so many means to lose weight, but doing yoga will give you other health benefits as well, which includes increased flexibility, mental health, blood circulation, and reducing stress.

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