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    Hip dysplasia resulting in severe arthritis, Rasnadi & Shallaki with supplements ??

    I am 50 year old male, 70 KG , 5'11 in height, so not fat :-) who was playing squash till two years back. Was diagnosed with hip dysplasia resulting in severe arthritis two years back. Went to Allopathic doctors who suggested supplements for a while followed by Hip replacement when pain becomes unbearable. Couldn't walk more than a couple of kilometres at that time without pain. Went to an ayurveda resort 10 months back for three days, lots of massages and was prescribed rasnadi before food and Shallaki 600 mg after food, twice a day. I have been continuing that since then and have felt major relief, didn't realize that maybe am supposed to give a break. No side effects till date. Do I need to discontinue or can I have this life time. Second question can I have other arthritis supplements along with Ayurvedic medicines like cartilox, seatone ( New Zealand green lipped mussel extract ). Can swim and cycle without any pain or discomfort. There is no cartiliage between joint and bone on one side, can supplements help in anyway keeping the situation stable or making it better. Can one try and regrow cartilage. Any other advice or health supplements or diet inputs would be greatly appreciated :-)

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    There are many ayurvedic medicines to cure your problem as soon as possible , better you should try this oil arthritis liniment oil. Because it gave my uncle relief in one week from arthritis .

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    company addresses arhtritis from the root cause

    hi Samir,

    there is a company called ParexNaturals ( www.parexnaturals.com website under construction i think) in punjab,

    they have succeeded in treating arthritis using a combination of naturals (ayurveda and other naturals as well) including patients who are HLA27B positive.

    you will have to speak with their doctor who will guide you on how to deal with this effectively..

    Dr Harjit Singh +91 94170 41097

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