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    Ayurvedic Massage Tables for Sale

    Premium quality aurvedic massage tables. 15 in stock. Brand new, never opened, in crates from manufacturer. Solid wood and beautiful. Each table comes with Shirodhara post. You'll have to pay shipping from Asheville, NC. Each table cost over $1000 new. And most are still new. We have two or three that have been opened and assembled, and possibly used a few times, which we'd sell at a better price. The photos below show this same table in use in some of our clinics. Make an offer. Reduced price for quantity. View pictures here: http://asheville.craigslist.org/hab/6125846467.html

    These are not portable tables -- they're solid and pretty heavy.

    Asheville TM Center 828-380-0325

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    Thank you so much for Sharing this Images . I Have Check All Image . You are Right , Your tables are solid wood and beautiful .
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