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    My dad is weak, I am worried about him.

    Hey! My dad was a hard working person and he never thought about his health while working for his family. Now he is sixty years old and this is the time for me to take care of him. He is not having any chronic disease but his body is weak. His legs are stiff and he has difficulty in stretching his legs. Also, he has back pain and it is severe during night. Nowadays he his not having proper sleep due to these and I think it will affect his overall health. I have heard of a natural health clinic in Mississauga. I think massage therapy will be beneficial for him to get rid of the pain and to improve his overall health. Has anyone else experienced this treatment? I would like to hear some good suggestions from you people. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Patricia,

    I am sorry to hear that as I can feel what situation you are in , my parents are unwell and I always think what I can do for them so that they stay well , healthy and active. I am not sure about the natural health clinic in Mississauga but I know about holistic health and spiritual health services at http://www.ishwarcenter.org/healing.htm and you can speak to Dr.Rakesh Kumar and he would be happy to guide you with your dad's treatment. Best wishes Kay

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