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    Best Ayurvedic Hospitals in Hyderabad

    Best Ayurvedic Hospitals in Hyderabad, Kapil Ayurveda Chikitsalayam is a multi-specialty hospital established in the year 2011 in 2011.Highly trained resident doctors and therapists work under the supervision of very senior and experienced doctors from kerala with over 36 years of hands on experience, focusing on harmonizing the body, mind and soul, helping an individual holistically through panchakarma treatments.

    Please contact for consultation:

    Ph.No: 040- 24077688,

    Cell: 9912347026 , 9912347826

    Web: www.kapilayurveda.com

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    Here is the list of the best ayurvedic hospitals in Hyderabad.
    1.Sri Veda Sushruta
    2.Vardhan Ayurveda Hospital
    3.Charaka The Speciality Ayurveda

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