Hello friends,

I am a 24 years old woman from India. I have been diagnosed with scalp psoriasis around 8 months back. The dermatologist prescribed me a coal tar based shampoo and protar cream and methotrexate and multi-vitamin tablets. I didn't found it a good idea because coal tar shampoo used to make my hairs so brittle and lifeless. Also, I was told that I have to take methotrexate for a long time- may be for the whole life. My elder brother is a chemist shop owner, he told me that methotrexate can have bad effects on liver if taken for a long time. So, I have stopped the allopathy and trying ayurveda. I searched a lot on internet and can see that a lot of people are talking about non-medicinal approach to manage psoriasis. They talk about diet changes a lot. There is a diet schedule- known as- Pagano diet rules. I'm following this diet protocol from last 3 months and I can say that it has really good results. I can feel less itching, pain and inflammation. ALso, less hair fall and hair breakage. Along with that, I take lemon water mixed with turmeric and ginger. I take 2000 mg per day of flaxseed oil capsules for omega 3 fats. But, being a working lady, it is quite difficult to follow all the diet rules religiously.
So, I request Ayurveda doctors to help me design a better diet schedule for psoriasis. Here is the google reference of pagano diet. Please check it and advice. I would be highly thankful to you. Also, advice any good AYurveda medicines which can be taken without side effects. Thanks a lot.

John Pagano diet schedule for psoriasis - http://www.psoriasisselfmanagement.c...for-psoriasis/

Thanks in advance