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    Ayurveda for Diabetes

    Diabetes is one of the common life style disorder in nowadays. This can be effectively treated with Panchakarma.
    Zama, Ayurveda wellness centre in Kerala provides the best panchakarma treatments in Kerala.

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    In today's stressful modern living, incidence of Diabetes is definitely increasing. Every now and then we come across patients of Diabetes seeking Ayurvedic treatment and advice.
    Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder and can be hereditary. Diabetes is not completely curable but can be kept under control. *It is important to develop a healthy acceptance of the lifestyle changes that your condition requires. It also helps to develop confidence in your ability to live within these health constraints.
    The 1st line of treatment of diabetes is to stop the cause of disease like sedentary lifestyle, over nutrition, excessive stress etc. So Ayurveda recommends to correct these cause by following tips:

    1. Diet planning- is the cornerstone of managing diabetes. The diabetic diet is an otherwise normal balanced diet, with a few modifications and proper spacing between food intakes. Your diet should be well balanced to achieve a good level of health and maintain a healthy weight.
    2. Exercise regularly as physical activity lowers your blood glucose level.
    3. Avoid diet increasing kapha dosha such as sugar, fats, potatoes, rice
    4.Quit smoking, limit alcohol.
    5.Restrict and reduce weight**
    6. Avoid sleeping during daytime*
    7.Try to reduce stress by implementing 'Yoga' practice.Secondly Ayurveda recommends herbs like Vijaysaar (Pterocarpus marsupium) an insulin sensitiser; Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) is an antioxidant; Karela (Momordica charantia); Neem (Melia azadirachta) and Gudmar (Gymnema sylvestre) are potent anti-diabetic ingredients. The ingredients are proven to have a definite beneficial effect not only in maintaining blood sugar levels but also in lowering lipids. They minimize the progression of diabetic complications if started sufficiently early.
    In market there are many herbal medicines available for diabetes and are found to be effective and safe.

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    Diabetes is the common life style disease nowadays. this disease can be treated by Ayurveda. There are lots of Ayurveda Centres in India .You can download this app https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...yurvedicnuskhe and see how to treated Diabetes disease at home.

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    There is nothing that Ayurveda cannot fix. It is the natural treatment for curing the various types of health issues. If you are a diabetic patient, then Ayurveda tips are for you.

    1. Turmeric Treatment
    2. Copper Vessel water
    3. Less Fatty foods
    4. Add spices wisely into the food
    5. Methi dana drinks and sprouts

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    Ayurveda for Diabetes

    Im glad to hear that there have been breakthroughs in this area. Im beginning to experience blood sugar problems myself, although its not diabetes yet at least :P .

    At least blood sugar problems can be treated, but its still not fun.

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