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    Exciting new Ayurveda resources coming out on Kindle

    Allow me to introduce some new resources for students or practitioners of Ayurveda.

    The University of Ayurveda in Europe is producing a series of books on both the practice and history of Ayurveda. The ambitious project will produce everything from first-ever translations of Ayurvedic texts to photo manuals on massage techniques.

    So far there are three new books available (one also in French), but many more are on the way. You can find the current list here:

    The next book to come out will be the first volume of "Interpretation of the CHARAKA SAMHITA". Here is some info:
    The Charaka Samhita is the oldest literature in the world on health and on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. It was first translated into Arabic and Hebrew. The original literature is written in Sanskrit in the Devanagari script. This literature, which is thousands of years old, up to now has been very hard for the general European reader to understand.

    Ayuvedacharya Dr. Rajpoot has lived in Europe for 27 years and has learned about the European way of thinking during this time. He explains the Charaka Samhita very clearly, using examples from present-day European culture, so that today's reader can comprehend it.

    The Charaka Samhita will be published in translation with commentary by Dr. Rajpoot in 12 volumes.

    More info about the university: http://university-ayurveda.com/en_GB/

    Invitation to the Ayurvedic Festival on August 27, 2016: http://university-ayurveda.com/wp-co...nka_textA4.jpg

    Feel free to ask me any questions.

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