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    Question is the combination of these herbs ok: neem+triphala+karela (bitter grourd)

    is the combination of these herbs ok: if not after what interval should they be taken?
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    NEAM Neem's new copula i.e. 4-5 new leaves daily chewed empty stomach every morning, it cleanses blood, gives relief from nail whistles and other skin problems

    Neem grafting strengthens the gums, the stairs are fine and the deodorant of the mouth is destroyed.

    Dandruff (Russian) goes to the juice of neem leaves, mixed with coconut oil and applied it on the head.

    Boil neem leaves and plum leaves simultaneously in water - Hair water is stopped after washing hair with this water

    Some of Neem's fresh green leaves dry in the shade

    TRIPHALA Taking a teaspoon Triphala 1 teaspoon honey and 1/2 teaspoon molasses ghee is very good for eyes.

    Take 1 to 2 teaspoons powder of Triphala with hot water while sleeping at night, the stomach is thoroughly cleaned

    Triphala with ghee and sugar - a small spoon of 1/2 is giving amazing power to the body

    Soak the thick powder of Triphala in water in the night and filter it with a thin cloth in the morning and after washing the eyes, the eye flames increase and the redness that comes in the eyes get cured.

    KARELA (Bitter Gourd) By taking any form of bitter gourd it controls diabetes and also produces the possibility of recovery.

    By taking 1 teaspoon and 2 teaspoons of bitter gourd in the children, the constipation is destroyed and the lever is strong. It also ends stomach worms.

    Mix the juice of bitter gourd with 4 teaspoons and two small spoons of yogurt - to both the patient and the patient. Pour half a cup of buttermilk from above. Keep it closed for the fourth day by using it for three days. Then do the same work for three days and stop doing this experiment.

    Source: http://athayurdhamah.com/about-ayurveda/remedies-from-kitchen
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