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    Lose weight & rejuvenate


    Speed Up Your Metabolism, Remove Toxins from Body And Lose Weight?
    Simple and Effective Recipe for Wonderful Results in 1 week.

    We All consume heavy unhealthy foods all through the year, rich in fats and Calories, that harmfully affect our body by depositing toxins, cause impaired immunity, poor health and obesity.
    Fortunately many herbal remedies available in Ayurveda and naturopathy will restore our youthfulness and good health, increase energy levels and improve immunity.
    This amazing organic detox drink will remove toxins, speed up the metabolism and promote a healthy process of losing weight naturally.
     3 tablespoons fresh chopped ginger
     1 tablespoon lemon juice
     3-4 celery stalks
     1 tablespoon fenugreek powder (Methi)
     1 tablespoon Black pepper powder
     1 tablespoon Cinnamon powder

     Method of preparation:
     Boil the above ingredients in a glass of water for 5 minutes in covered pan. Add to more water to make it about a liter. We can store larger amounts of this natural juice in refrigerator.
     Use:
     Drink 1 glass of this Detox juice morning, afternoon and evening between meals for wonderful results within a week !

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    Lose weight rejuvenate

    Hi everybody. I have a simple question. I might have been posted on the wrong thread but anyway here is it:
    If chocolate is good for us, then how many normal chocolate bars can we eat in one week and not getting weight? Thanks.

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    Great read shared regarding losing weight, i really appreciate it.

    how to lose weight

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