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    General Health: Diet.

    Cleanser: Mild cleanser.

    The best conditioners: Egg.

    Purifying without end the irritated scalp: Lemon juice and olive oil.

    Harmed hair: Honey and Olive oil.

    Volume promoters: Beer and Egg.

    Bunched up hair: Avacoda.

    Dandruff: Brown Sugar.
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    Must-Have Skin Care Products for Women. Cream with a SPF of somewhere around 15. Eye cosmetics remover. Exfoliator, which expels dead skin cells and can leave your skin smoother, milder, and more splendid. Cover (A mud pack veil, for instance, fixes skin and mollify lines. Eye gel. Razor and shave gel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anshika154 View Post
    Use Aloevera with tumeric is very effective for marks and scars.even use any essential oil which suits to your skin
    Thanks for sharing.

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