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    A non greasy formulation which is quickly absorbed in skin. Kokum butter a good source of antioxidant Vitamin E, soften and soothe irritated skin. Pistachio blended with nourishing oils of almond improves skin tone and complexion.

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    I suggest you apply aloe vera for removing pimples. You Can apply this regularly

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    Ayurveda Beauty Tips

    Dosha Beauty Care

    Facial Abhyanga

    Depending upon one's dosha different facial oils are used.

    Vata: ghee,sesame, avocado

    Pitta: Coconut, safflower,sunflower

    Kapha: Canola, Almond olive

    Tridoshic: Sesame, jojoba, almond

    Source: The Ayurveda Encyclopedia

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    HI JeneReddy,

    What to do for the acne/pimple. Mainly its coming on my forehead?

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    I'm interested to learn more about herbal beauty tips in Ayurveda, any specific herbs I should use for my skin ?

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    Stick to high-water content vegetables that are easier to digest, such as lettuce, carrot, cucumber, daikon radish (which is revered by Ayurvedic healers for its purifying properties), fennel, and tender asparagus tips. There is another way to take care of the skin by using Dead Sea Cosmetics; it is a good product for the skin care.

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    Based on our personal experience or through our studies we know that eating certain foods and herbal products can help promote good health. For example: cranberries containing free-radical-fighting antioxidants and are widely believed to cure the serious issue of urinary tract infections. As we know, cranberries are available only in seasons .But there extracts are available in Online stores for the whole year you can Buy Herbal Extracts Online. Thatís where liquid herbal extracts can help. These compounds make it easy to ingest healthy foods and herbal without a lot of preparation, whether this plant is in seasonal or not.
    Not only this herbal liquid extracts have a long shelf life (Expire Date), they tend to react faster than other forms of supplementation because Herbal liquid nutrients are absorbed very quickly. Further, in extraction processes it takes only the helpful medicinal parts of the herb, ensuring a great potent, useful and effective nutritional supplement.

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    Vedovas provide Herbal Care Products that is made of the most famous Ayurvedic ingredients, tulsi or the Basil which is mixed with neem, tea tree oil, badam and nariyal tail along with other natural elements.

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    How to get rid over the black spot, oily skin and acne naturally is always a big concern of women. Here are some useful tips that will help you to get healthy skin and minimizes the risk of acne, oily skin. Here are Hhomemade Natural Remedies

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Shilajit ice cube therapy can help minimize pores and control the oil production, it also can prevent premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles. Regular use of ice cubes will give your face fresh and healthy glow, so that youíll look gorgeous!

    RECIPE : Take 3mg of shilajit and dissolve it into the clean water(300ml), then pour it into the ice tray. Wipe your face EVERY MORNING of one small cube and then wash your face just clean water. Enjoy your fresh and healthy skin.

    You can read more about Shilajit here

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