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    Anti Aging, healthy bone marrow, Increase immune Power, healing power

    Most of the ayurvedic medicine if taken longer than cause liver toxicity and cause liver and kidney problems so I just want to take those ayurvedic which are best of following things without any side effect to liver and kidney.

    1. Enhance Healing power
    2. Best adaptogens
    3. Anti-Aging (immortal herb, that will actually make you few year younger or slow done aging process)
    4. Make Healthy Bone Marrow and stem cell production
    5. Increase Immune Power,
    6. Remove any kind of flaw in body which is not traced yet as symptoms are not visible yet

    I have long list but not able to choose which one are best with no side effect to liver and kidney and which I can omit (or irrelevant).
    Some of the ayurvedic are of chine herbs and lot of are not easily available in market every normal people donít know some of the herb name also.

    Please can you filter this long list based on my requirement keeping in mind for no side-effects on liver and kidney.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-List -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    Jiaogulan, Ginseng, Astragalus root, glossy privet (Ligustrum lucidum), Cats Claw (Uncaria tomentosa and Uncaria guianensis)
    Sage, basil tulsi, Turmeric
    Reishi, Cordycep mushrooms, shiitake and maitake
    Blue Skullcap
    Indian Gooseberry, Triphala Churna Powder, Manjistha, TRIKATU Churna
    Guduchi /Giloya
    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) and shank pushpin, jatamamsi and bala, brahmi, kappikachu,
    Skull cap, vidari kand and chrysanthemum flower. St. Johns Wort and oatstraw.
    Rhodiola (rhodiola rosea), Licorice root
    Bacopa (bacopa monnieri) / Brahmi
    Shatavari (asparagus racemosus)
    Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus)
    Tribulus : Tribulus (Tribulus terrestris),
    Mucuna : Mucuna (Mucuna pruriens) or kapikacchu
    Gotu Kola : Gotu kola (Centella asiatica)
    Jiaogulan / Gynostemma
    Ginkgo Biloba
    Rhaponticum root (Rhaponticum carthamoides) synonym: Leuzea carthamoides
    Dong quai (Angelica sinensis)
    Maca (Lepidium meyenii)
    Withaferin A
    Indian frankincense

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    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is the best as it have no side effects shown on liver and kidney

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