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    Study Shows Brahmi Helps Brain Retain New Information

    Researchers have reported significant improvement in retention of new information in subjects who were part of a randomized placebo control study in which brain memory functions were studied after intake of Brahmi herbal preparation in a three month trial. The results show a significant effect of the Brahmi on a test for the retention of new information. Follow-up tests showed that the rate of learning was unaffected, suggesting that Brahmi decreases the rate of forgetting of newly acquired information. One of the sections who would benefit the most are the students studying for an upcoming examination. Since they are in the process of acquiring new information towards an impending examination, the retention of such information can be expected to be aided by intake of Brahmi.

    Refn: Chronic Effects of Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) on Human Memory (Roodernrys S., Booth D., Bulzomis , etal. , Neuropsychopharmacology, Vol 27 (pg279-281), 2002

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    Bramhi one of the plant species of rich medical significance helps in curing number of disoeders.

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    Learning is essentially processing information, storing it as memory, and recalling it at will. ... In animals, brahmi has been seen to help with learning new motor skills ... brahmi on brain damage caused by various toxins show that brahmi ... Brahmi can also maintain the integrity of the fat (lipid) composition

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