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Thread: Worms

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    hi I am 37 yrs of age and suffering since 5 yrs. I get itching on the anus, feeling as if something is moving inside the anus, sticky stools, bloating, irregular motions, vomiting sensation at times, insomnia, sudden bouts of sleep for hour or 2, greying of hair. Also I have realized that now I cant digest food like milk, banana, mango, maida, etc. I think I could have worms in my body. Also my vitamin d level is very low. Was less than 4 a year back, 22 around 3 to 4 months back. I have taken deworming allopathic medicine 2 to 3 times but I feel the worms inside my body are not going and they are spoiling my digestion and spoiling the lining of my intestines.

    I have got this ayurvedic kadha called Krumivikar kadha by Sandu Bros but havent started taking it. Do you think this will be good. If this is good, please suggest how is this to be taken and in how much quantity. If this is not good, kindly suggest the best medicine to get rid of worms. I am suffering and wish to get out of this. Kindly help. Thanking you in advance.


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    You can try ayurveda as there are number of herbs and species known helps in curing number of diseases.

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