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    Ayurveda Counseling as a Gift, Without the Demand of Money

    Hello and Warm Greetings!

    This post is an invitation to consider a new and yet ancient way of offering Ayurvedic counseling as a gift, without the demand of money.

    My name is Aimee Wilson. I am 31, and live in a small agricultural town in south central Washington on a 184-acre farm called Camp Singing Wind. The land is tended by myself and 12 other kindreds exploring the gift ecology. By 'gift ecology', I mean we are seeking to offer this land, food and various resources/ services to our local community in a gift exchange system that mimics nature. I offer yoga teaching as a gift, and am presently pursuing a training program in Ayurveda to become an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor. As such, I would continue to offer my service as a gift to the local loggers, fisherman and low-to-middle class families, inviting clients to consider what they could give, but not limiting this exchange to money payment.

    This way, all could thrive with the benefits of Ayurveda, regardless of their money status.

    If interested, please visit my IndieGoGo campaign to learn more: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a...ealth-practice
    and consider supporting me in whatever way you are able. If not by $$ support, then perhaps by sharing with your networks?

    My deepest thanks, Aimee

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