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    Four essentials for healthy weight loss

    1. Water

    The process of burning calories requires an adequate supply of water in order to function efficiently as dehydration slows down the fat-burning process.
    Water will wash out unnecessary toxins from the body helping organs to function better and moisturizing the skin.

    2. Sleep
    Sleep significantly affects two of the hormones in the human body that influence the appetite that is Ghrehlin (enhances appetite) and can lead to weight gain. Leptin (represses appetite) and can support weight loss. A lack of sleep disturbs the hormonal balance and leads to an increase in ghrelin and a decrease in leptin levels, which may lead to weight gain. A good night sleep will balance the hormone levels by resolving the physical and mental stresses of the body.

    3. Diet
    Eating whole, nutritious foods in their natural form provides the fuel to the organs, muscles and glands that will keep the body’s processes working efficiently, including metabolism.

    4. Exercise
    Exercises make it possible to create a calorie deficit and lose weight without starving your body or slowing your metabolism. Regular exercise produces a mental attitude of self-care and self-esteem that bolsters confidence and the desire to continue to improve.

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    Nice tips there buddy. Just would like to add a few points that you can accelerate weight-loss
    . Do not skip morning breakfasts;
    . Avoid sweet dishes after dinners;
    . Do not drinks lots of water immediately after your meals.
    . Try ayurvedic medicines like Epica Oil by Prakruti JiyoFresh to accelerate your weightloss program

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    These 4 points mentioned above are beneficial for those who are suffering from excessive body weight .Along with regular exercise and diet, I have also been using Nuez dela India seed which is organic ,pure also gives guaranteed results .Along with weight loss it also helps for hair,skin and eliminates hunger pangs .

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    Great information for one need to get weight loss, Exercise and Diet is most important thing for weight loss. naturesvelvet.in ayurvedic garcinia cambogia capsules helps for faster weight loss.

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    Hmm nice information has been posted but to weight loss we should make it has an habit

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    Also eat a big breakfast so you dont snack loads during the day!

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